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Content Promotion Services

There are literally thousands of touchpoints where you can engage with your target audience every single day.

You wake up and drink your morning glass of OJ ‒ Touchpoint 1 - Product Packaging
Open the paper and out falls a flyer ‒ Touchpoint 2 - Print Flyer
Your morning jog takes you past billboards ‒ Touchpoint 3 - Out of Home advertising
Grab the strap in the metro ‒ Touchpoint 4 - Inside train branding
Enter a grocery store ‒ Touchpoint 5 - In-store Branding
And the list goes on and on.

With these point of contacts, every brand has the opportunity to get noticed by thousands of new customers every day. Sounds great, but in reality, marketing budgets are finite ‒ you cannot possibly have your brand creative plastered across every single amplification channel 24x7. The trick to successfully leverage these media is to use a precise mix of channels, locations and timing to exhibit your product/service to maximise awareness and sales.

Veteran marketers know that getting your content noticed through offline channels is far more complicated than it sounds. These media channels are so many and so varied that you need the services of a content amplification agency to make sense of it all.

It is a mammoth task to select the exact tools that you need and to fit it in your budget. A task that is only possible with an experienced content amplification agency!

Content Amplification & Strategy

Our content amplification services and process

  • We begin with analysing and understanding your product/service and its target audience
  • We map the target group′s patterns and presence to find the customer touchpoints which can be most effective within your budget
  • We decide on the final customer journey strategy
  • We work with our content creation team to get marketing collaterals designed and produced
  • We work with various stakeholders to book media channels
  • We provide constant feedback and analysis of the amplification strategy

Some of our content amplification services are:

  • Product Design
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Communications for Brands
  • In-Store Branding
  • OOH Branding and Strategy
  • Point of Sale Branding
  • Direct Mail