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Distribution ‒ the final and the most vital link in the content chain

Content Distribution Services

Content Strategy ‒ done; Content Design and Production ‒ done; Marketing plan ‒ done.

Now comes the last link in the content chain ‒ content distribution. The success of the entire content strategy depends on this, because no matter how good your content plan or design is, it is worth nothing if it does not reach the audience it was created for.

Production to Consumption is not a linear, straightforward path.

Everything from a strategically placed low‒cost banner to expensive celebrity‒backed TV adverts has its own place in the distribution chain. It is up to an experienced content distribution agency to understand what works best for reaching your brand′s audience and fits within your marketing budget.

A content distribution agency has an entire team of skilled distribution managers who know the pulse of each media channel. They know exactly how to match content, distribution channel and audiences to get maximum exposure. This deep understanding is backed by extensive data analysis, which helps us to keep your advertising ROI in the green.

Content Strategy and Delivery

Content distribution services do the following ‒

  • Use in-house know-how to build a comprehensive 360⁰ distribution plan
  • Create a strategy that brings together print, digital, broadcast, small marketing collaterals and Out-of-Home display advertising together in one Master Plan
  • Once the plan is approved, proceed to acquire media space/time according to the master strategy
  • Work in tandem with design and production departments to make sure all marketing collaterals are produced on time and as per approved specifications
  • Work with media owners to ensure a timely start of the campaign
  • Collate media audits and present proof of work
  • Present analytic reports with details of ROI

Whether your organisation uses content to reach other business or retails directly to individual customers, content distributions services are a MUST to unleash the full power of content and grow your business.