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Your brand is your identity!

Digital Branding Agency

It is what tells the world what you are and what you do, and how you do it.

Yaap is a digital branding agency, well-positioned to differentiate your brand in a world where branding is constantly evolving. We create 360° brand experiences tailored to your digital needs.

Our approach to branding is simple ‒ we first take time out to understand your business, your key differentials, your market and your audience. We then identify your core strengths and weaknesses and also study your competition. We talk to you and your team to determine your goals and the media routes you would take to reach your audience.

Drawing on every aspect of this learning process, we create a relevant, meaningful and custom brand strategy that offers a seamless expression of your product or service across all media platforms.

In a nutshell, we are with you on every step of your brand building journey.

Online Branding Services

How our digital branding services work:

Brand Consulting and Strategy: We hold interactive sessions to brainstorm and define a brand strategy.

Brand Identity: We define a unique set of features including logo, icons, colours, typeface and voice that will be the face and language of your brand.

Website Design: Next, we flesh out your brand’s digital body, give it essential functions that will work seamlessly across all digital channels.

Packaging Concept and Design: Our highly skilled and motivated team’s work instantly builds customer affinity.

Advertising Campaigns: We devise innovative advertising campaigns for all media platforms to connect with your audience.

Videos: We set your brand in motion on all social media platforms with engaging visual content about your products and services

Marketing Tools: We build your marketing assets for both the offline and online media, in response to the ever evolving needs of the consumers.

And so we create and launch your brand, giving you a new identity and the confidence to spark a dialogue with your customers and build relationships for a lifetime. Whether you have a new idea for a brand or you wish to fine-tune your existing one, we can help.

Everybody loves a good story. That’s probably why video is already the
most widely consumed format in the world. But if all you’re running on
YouTube is your TVC, you’ve lost your audience at ‘Skip Ad’.
It’s time your brand told a tale, started a conversation and engaged
eyes and minds and imaginations. At YAAP, we’re ready when you are.

What we can do for you:

• Branded Video Properties
• Video Production
• Inventive video formats