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Boost your content with multi-channel amplification strategy

Digital Content Promotion Services

You put in the effort, time and money to create some great content; you posted it all across your social platforms, invited everyone you know to read and share ‒ and NOTHING happened! It′s just lying there undiscovered and ignored.

When you have a business to grow and targets to achieve you can′t just wait for your content to reach people organically!

To get your content to work and to get traffic flowing to your landing pages you need to bring in the professionals ‒ a digital content amplification agency!

Reaching people, getting their attention and converting this attention into sales is not a straightforward process. There is no set formula that can be applied. Instead what you need is long‒term experience in the digital arena and an understanding of where your target users are and how to reach them.

What are digital content amplification services?

It is a whole bouquet of techniques and methods that create a tailored approach to getting your content in front of the right people.

We follow a four-step process to guide users through sales funnels. A customer′s journey can be mapped into four distinct stages, and for each of them, we need targetted amplification to get the appropriate content in front of the user at just the right time.

  1. Awareness ‒ Amplification and content efforts will be focused towards creating an emotional reaction to spark a Need/Want in the customer.
  2. Consideration ‒ provide information to users who are exploring or researching your product, brand or service.
  3. Decision ‒ place action-oriented content such as discounts, offers that will create urgency and get conversions.
  4. Advocacy ‒ reach out to clients to encourage feedback and get referrals.

A professional digital content amplification agency provides access to a team of experts in the field of paid, owned and earned media. They all put their heads together to come up with unified amplification strategy that delivers quantifiable traffic to meet the brand's goals in its budget.

Digital Content Amplification

Our digital content amplification services leverage ‒

  1. Paid ‒ paid media, paid search, paid social media, influencer, programmatic
  2. Owned / Organic ‒ Company blog, website, emails, social media channels, associate websites
  3. Earned ‒ brand mentions, press coverage, organic shares