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Digital Video Distribution Services

Lovely as the thought may sound, the fact is that it takes great ingenuity, planning and strategy to ensure that your digital videos reach your right audience at the right time and on the right platform.

YAAP as your digital video distribution agency ensures maximum exposure to your digital videos through a digital system that works. And in case you are wondering, there is a difference between promotion and distribution. Promotion aims at driving traffic to your digital content on your website, distribution is about reaching your audience on external platforms such as social media sites, YouTube, Slideshare, iTunes, or specific industry publications. By distributing your content to credible websites you gain more exposure for your brand and also from the reputation which these credible sites enjoy.

Video Content Delivery

As part of our digital video distribution services, we ensure that you increase your footprint on the web; we also repurpose and distribute the digital content around new ways for multiple channels to gain mileage for your efforts.

We follow a three-pronged route to our digital video distribution services:

  • Distribution through your own channels such as your personal or company accounts on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your own website, blog, RSS feed etc.
  • Paid distribution through social media advertising, paid traffic through content discovery tools such as Outbrain, native advertising, sponsored videos, digital advertising and adwords.
  • Earned distribution through voluntary sharing of content on review websites and in non-sponsored blog posts.

As your digital video distribution agency, you will find an ideal digital video content aggregator and distributor with real-time processing and distribution capabilities. When you partner with us, you will be able to secure distribution to a list of top industry leaders who don’t consume content from unknown sources; gain inclusion in influencer websites; and have your digital content alongside the most reputable digital content providers in the online arena.