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Influencer Marketing Agency

YAAP as an influencer marketing agency connects brands to leading social influencers across all domains including fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, food, technology and healthcare, to amplify their message, build customer trust, and become thought leaders in their domain.

Our influencer marketing services provide a platform that bridges the gap between brands and major social influencers, micro publishers and social media talent globally. We connect brands across the biggest content creators and aggregators such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and industry-specific publications, to showcase their products and services, and communicate their message, with a view to connect and grow their audience and reach. Our network of social influencers spans all major industries, enabling us to connect the right brand with the right influencer.

Our influence marketing services include:

  • Content Creation: Create authentic and engaging content that gives brands a human voice and then collaborate with social influencers to leverage their creativity and social intelligence and share it with online audience.
  • Premium Influencer Network

  • Pre-vet all Internet Influencers: We carefully select and vet all social media influencers on their levels of quality, impact, engagement, and brand suitability
  • Measure Return on Investment: Going beyond just the number of followers an Internet influencer has, we use historical insights and other indicators such as quality of content, posting habits, engagement quality, number of successful collaborations etc., to connect a brand to an influencer and ensure maximum ROI.

Our team of experienced and driven professionals leverage all opportunities of the Internet to reach and engage with your audience, increase reach, build strong relationships and increase your sales productivity. When you partner with YAAP influencer marketing agency for your online promotional campaigns, you will gain access to a diverse database of influencers across all social media channels, and the expertise to ensure your message reaches a wider audience through niche engagement.