• Programmatic Media Buying
  • Custom Affinity
  • Customised Targeting Apropos the Card Type

American Express Singapore wanted to amp up registrations for 4 of its cards meant for the masses – Platinum GRCC, Capita Card, Krisflyer Gold as well as the True Cashback Card.

We took a unique approach by identifying our target audience using specific criteria – like the ones frequenting top sites in the arenas of news, business and entertainment; people looking for AMEX and other Credit Cards; frequent flyers; Custom Affinity Audiences i.e. people visiting websites of other banks like Citi, HSBC and Standard Chartered. Next, we created a segment for each of the cards based on the benefit - shopping, dining, car drivers and frequent flyers. While working with a limitation of only 800 whitelisted sites, we used Impression Tracking and Click Tracking, in the process re-targeting people who had shown interest and clicked on our ads.

In a matter of a weekend, we touched a 70% conversion figure, out of which 90 % came from Samsung and Apple devices. Consistently coming up with stellar performances, we have now helped AMEX Singapore achieve the best ROI for 2 consecutive years.