• Programmatic Media Buying
  • Upsell to Apple Users
  • Storytelling via Sequential Messaging
  • Elite Audience Targeting

Apple is one of the most iconic brands in the world. But with new brands entering the market every now and then, they were looking at regaining a stronger foothold in the Handset, Tablet and Laptop categories in India.

Being a brand that enjoys undisputed loyalty from its cutomers, we came up with a clearly-focussed strategy - to cross-sell and upsell the products to the ones already using an Apple device. To start with, we came up with effective e-commerce tactics to specifically target people who were most likely to use Apple products. Owners of an iPhone 6 or above models, were the perfect target audience for an Apple watch. For MacBooks, we considered gadget enthusiasts, luxury shoppers as well as the tech-savvy business professionals. We also reached out to people who were actively researching about Apple's products using specific keywords. What’s more, the iPhone advertisements were shown only in a sequential three-step format.

With a CTR of 0.2% verses an industry standard of 0.1%, we successfully reached out to 23 million users. Achieving results as exemplary as the brand itself.