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  • Digital Video Production

While ITC Hotels has successfully established ‘Responsible Luxury’ as a way of life, there was a pressing need to amp up its online presence to do the same.

We introduced ‘The Responsible Luxury Fellowship Programme’ and identified hundreds of infuencers specialising in key arenas like Lifestyle, Luxury, Food, Travel and Technology. After meticulously shortlisting the top 18, we created 90+ videos with the infuencers on topics like Holistic Well-being, Swasthya Cuisine, Green Banqueting, Kitchens of India, Local Love and 35 such Responsible Luxury Topics.

With a massive combined reach of 3.96 million, 17.2 million video views, 15,233 tweets and 300+ UGC entries, we created 111 million impressions, that reached out to 12% of the total audience on the internet, making the initiative, India’s largest Infuencer Engagement Programme in the hospitality sector.