• Brand Identity & Design
  • Segmentation and Positioning
  • Brand Story
  • Packaging Graphics
  • Launch Communication

Beer brands are launched every few days. In this scenario we had to discover and create a differentiated positioning in a crowded category for our brand Kati Patang.

We decided to do so by making Kati Patang stand out as a cult lifestyle brand and building a community of like-minded individuals who could identify and live with the philosophy of Kati Patang. Just like its name, the personality of the brand was designed around letting go and celebrating freedom. From brand identity and positioning, packaging design, website design, social media posts, beer tap design and merchandise design, everything was created to stay true to the brand’s philosophy.


Today, the brand has clearly established itself as one that supports stand-up comics, musicians, dancers, photographers or other people with creative pursuits that run parallel with their work life – the ambassadors for this brand. It’ll surely help them soar in future as well.