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Lufthansa, a premium airline, which neither flies to the East nor the Gulf sector, has flights only to Europe, USA and Canada from India. Owing to this, driving its online sales on an ongoing basis was a big challenge. Besides, being a German airline, they are always perceived to be distant and cold.

We created an Always-On campaign to drive ticket sales from the top 5 cities, focussing on high net-worth individuals and business travellers. For the sales promotion, we expanded the reach to include the top 4 metros. And for brand building, we covered the whole of India, with a focus on maximising the video views among the younger audience segments. Keeping in mind that bookings are a time-sensitive activity and people visit the airline site when they are about to travel, we created 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and1 month segments and targeted them with differential bids.

The success of the campaign is evident from the fact that since 2016, Lufthansa has been using Oplifi continuously for all their campaigns - the Always-On campaign, quarterly ticket sale campaign as well as the brand campaign. After Oplifi has come into the picture, the number of vendors have come down from 15 to 6-8, with Oplifi and few other programmatic companies and trading desks taking the maximum pie, followed by the OTAs (Kayak, etc.). Besides, the overall CPA has also come down to USD120. The performance analysis clearly reflects the trust and respect that Lufthansa has for Oplifi.