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Maharaja Whiteline endeavours to make life simpler for its customers. Which is also the philosophy that goes behind creating its range of products. This is precisely what we wanted to communicate to the audience.

So, we identified a host of recipes which were especially easy to cook using Maharaja Whiteline’s range of Kitchen Appliances. We opted for a simplistic approach and created a YouTube property - Maharaja Bites, which showcased these everyday recipes prepared using Maharaja Whiteline’s Juicer Mixer Grinder, Sandwich Maker, Hand blender and more.

The products were smartly integrated in the recipe videos, while the USPs of each of the appliances were specifically highlighted. A total of 24 lip-smacking original recipe videos were created, which garnered over 1 million views.


The sponsored products were promoted on Amazon through various ad properties, accumulating sales of Rs. 66,45,046. Headline search ads and product display ads gained 106,800+ clicks and 23 million ad impressions. There was an overall spending of Rs. 15,23,488 along with 17,400 page views, giving the brand a phenomenal ROI of 514%.